What is a User Experience Designer?

User Experience (UX) Designers are involved in every stage of the website development lifecycle. They work with you to gather content, sketch stories from workflows, build prototypes, and conduct user research to test the ideas, all while documenting the process and producing deliverables that help owners visualize the invisible. So how is that different from other web designers.

User-Centered Design

User Experience Designers focus on the user – the customer – the person coming to your site to purchase or learn about your products and services. It is not enough to just have a url and a website. You need your website to work for you and your business! You want people to find your site, visit your site, and stay long enough to feel they know you well enough to pursue your products or services. All that in a matter of seconds!

UX Designers research and understand who your customers are and what they need. We research your competitors to make sure you stand out and focus on the strengths of your company. We assess the scope of your needs. For instance a small, niche, local company has different needs than a large world-wide company. We’ll sketch possible solutions to a re-design.


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