Effectual Web understands how people use the Web and how to design sites to meet those needs. The resulting designs ensure that your website sends a positive and marketable message to web users. What makes a website effective?

An effective website is built from a combined understanding your business, of site visitor’s needs, and expertise in web design rather than solely from knowledge of an HTML tool or graphics application.

Effective websites are structured according to website visitor’s tasks, needs, desires, and intuition.

Key design issues include:

  • Write for scan ability—because web users scan
  • Make the site easily navigable—because web users want information
  • Make content easy to find—because users don’t want to have to keep clicking around
  • Provide detailed content—because web users want answers and to feel you are credible
  • Give users what that want and expect from the titles and tags —because the CLOSE button is only a click away if they don’t see what they were looking for
  • Optimize the site so it is found in search engines

Effectual Web creates web pages that enhance the website visitor’s experience and for you, that means more business.