Effectual Web provides assistance and consulting with all stages of website design, development and production, including:

  • registering domain name(s)
  • transferring domain name(s)
  • selecting a Hosting Service or working with your existing Hosting Service
  • designing a layout that is appropriate for your business and audience
  • designing an intuitive, usable navigation structure
  • providing a review of your existing website, including site traffic analysis
  • maintenance of your existing website
  • incorporation of training materials, forms, white papers, press releases, or documentation
  • organizing posts, blogs and other social media links

AND, of course, we also offer a complete Effectual Website Design.

Effectual Web can make your website work for you and your business. Websites are created with a usable touch – focusing on who you are trying to reach.

I am client-focused. I do my best for you so that you can
provide the best for your clients. I listen. I am not out to change your business, or to
dress your site in a way that is not your style. If you look good, I look good, but above all,
I want you to be comfortable and to see the business value of an effectual website.

Service Rates

I are not the least-expensive solution because I don’t just plug your brochure into a template.  If you are shopping around for the cheapest price, keep shopping. If you are seeking the best value for your money, keep reading.

Effectual Web builds websites that work for your business. We do this for a living – so our goal is to make money, but also, more importantly, we know what we are doing. And because we create websites for a living, we know what works and we can get it done right so that you can get on with your business. An Effectual Solution is your Best Value.

What does that mean? Below are a couple of cost scenarios to give you an idea of what
you can expect in the way of invoices from Effectual Web for different services.

Web Design: A basic 5-page site, including a “Home Page” and 4 navigation pages (such
as, About Us, Services, News, Contact) could cost about $750. We’ve done enough of these
that we know how long it takes.

From there, it just depends on how complicated the graphics are, whether you need lots of
photo-editing, whether you’d like a Feedback Form – or other interaction, and how much
content you can provide and how much you’d like us to pull together and edit. The nice
thing is that the project can be staged – you can get a phase implemented, see how it
works, then add another phase as your time and budget permits.

All of the sites we develop are COMPLETELY transferable. You are NEVER locked into our
designs or tools as you would be with Yahoo Store, for example. They will be yours to keep
and maintain, or transfer to another web designer.

Web Maintenance: Your site will eventually need to be changed – some sites sooner and
more frequently than others, depending on the business. We can handle those updates for
you so you can continue to run your business. Spending $60/month is worth it – if it means
you don’t have to worry about taking the time to figure out how to make the changes

Effectual Web Review: If you are happy with your existing website and feel it reflects
your business, maybe you need someone to take a look at your site and make suggestions
on how to improve its effectiveness. Perhaps you are wondering about whether to submit
your site to Search Engines or you’d like someone to analyze your website traffic (log files).
Or perhaps you need a new Hosting Provider because your present one has gone out of
business. We can help you with all aspects of the Web Design Process