I was reading Gannon Burgett’s  14 Design Trends for 2014 on theindustry.cc and was not surprised to see the focus on user experience.

It’s about the experience. Decades from now, it’s the experiences we’re going to remember and the content we take in and create through said experiences. Thus, to create a sustainable culture for your interface, be it an app or website, the focus needs to be on what the user needs – and arguably more importantly doesn’t need – to make an experience over a product. And with that said, I wholeheartedly believe this will be the ultimate trend throughout 2014.

So interesting that Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design still apply today – maybe now more than ever.

Since I began in the Human-Computer Interaction field in the early 1990’s, I’m glad to see it getting more attention now with User Experience (UX).